Start Network


Our vision is to connect people in crisis to the best possible solutions

Faster response

The Start Fund, the first multi-donor pooled fund managed exclusively by NGOs, was created to fill a gap in humanitarian funding. It enables NGOs to make collective decisions and respond quickly to ‘under the radar’ emergencies.


Society-wide approach

Start Engage creates connections with a wide range of stakeholders and works to improve humanitarian financing, decision-making, resourcing, planning and action, so communities are better prepared to respond to the crises they face.


Fostering innovation

Start Labs is a collectively-owned incubator that aims to foster innovation in the humanitarian sector. It provides funding for the development and piloting of new solutions to enable earlier, faster and more efficient humanitarian response.


About Us

Connecting people in crisis to the best solutions

We are an international network of NGOs that enables a broad range of humanitarian actors and partners to provide the best possible solutions for people affected by crises. We provide platforms to enable collaborative approaches to decision-making and provision, which enable us to achieve more together than any single organisation acting alone could accomplish.
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Our values

What we stand for

Start Network members work together to shape a humanitarian sector that is: Diverse: a ‘humanitarian ecosystem’ with organisations of different sizes and types, which can adapt and grow. Decentralised: shifting decision making and leadership to the places where disasters happen. Collaborative: creating relationships across national, cultural, organisational boundaries.

An international network

Today the Start Network extends to 39 members and their 7000 partner organisations, employing more than a quarter million people across 200 countries and territories.Read more

The Network

Start Network members